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Women are extremely more inclined to have a low thyroid condition then men. Why? Let us take a closer look at hypothyroidism and explore a few of the causes of the illness. There is a controversy in regards to the role of supplements inside the low thyroid condition, and a few supplement companies claim they can "cure" the trouble. But if not treatments, then what? Let us take an in depth have a look at hypothyroidism generally before we talk about what you can do correctly.

women hypothyroidism

A thyroid problem GLAND

This little gland is found the neck below the Adam's apple and functions by producing two crucial thyroid hormones; triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine(T4). Their job would be to regulate how your body uses energy, or how your "metabolism" functions. Many diseases can impact the thyroid gland and result in either the over production or under manufacture of a thyroid problem hormones.

Another gland, the pituitary gland (sometimes called the master gland) regulates how a thyroid operates by creating a thyroid stimulating hormone(TSH). An excessive amount of or inadequate TSH can lead to an over or underactive hypothyroid.

Precisely what is HYPOTHYROIDISM?

Hypothyroidism means an underactive thyroid due to not enough thyroid hormone. It will rise in frequency as we grow older, and is also more established in females than men. A few of the symptoms are:

    Lethargy or feeling tired all the time
    Can't tolerate cold
    Weight gain
    Dry hair and skin
    Irregular menstrual periods
    Sluggish bowels, constipation
    Poor memory and concentration.


Several different things could cause hypothyroidism. Some of the more widespread causes include surgery to remove part or all the hypothyroid, radiation towards the thyroid, or rarely when the pituitary gland malfunctions and produces inadequate with the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) the thyroid will probably be underactive. Some babies are born with the underactive thyroid

hypothyroidism symptoms in women

Quite possibly the most common cause, however, is an autoimmune condition where your own personal body attacks a thyroid problem gland. Therefore a thyroid problem gland is damaged and can't produce enough hormone.

Women outnumber men about 4 to a single in the incidence of underactive thyroid. Borderline low thyroid be a little more common with age, and also by the era of 60 one in 10 women may have the condition whereas only 3 men in 100 contain the disorder. Certain ethnic groups (Japanese as an example) may also be very likely to develop hypothyroidism.

There are lots of theories why the main difference. It might be due to both genetics along with the influence of sex hormones around the disease fighting capability. But nobody can tell for certain.


A simple blood test can measure your level of TSH and T4 hormones. If your T4 is low along with the TSH is high hypothyroidism occurs.

Sometimes the TSH is high though the T4 is usual, this means early hypothyroidism. The anterior pituitary gland is stepping up it's creation of TSH to see a thyroid problem it needs more thyroid hormone. A thyroid problem can still respond, but with time the T4 will start to fall.


In case you are identified as having a minimal thyroid nearly all physicians will become using a synthetic thyroid (T4) to supplement the human body's 'abnormal' amounts. Some controversy exists today as to if treatment ought to be a mixture of T3 and T4 thyroid replacement. Some patients feel better about the combination, however the majority do react to exactly the T4 replacement. Usually your doctor will start having a low dose of thyroid and work higher every 6-8 weeks after checking the TSH and T4 blood levels.

women hypothyroidism

There are numerous firms that have herbal supplements suggesting they are able to solve period of time thyroid problem. But be careful! Some have introduced supplements produced from animal products, and there is a big issue as to their safety. It's best to have your thyroid function as well as a physician, including regular blood checks. Mixing these herbal remedies as well as the prescribed thyroid prescription medication is not recommended. However, there is no problem with choosing a good at all times nutritional supplement to acquire your everyday availability of nutritional supplements.

Other types of support for people who have hypothyroidism might be valuable. In my opinion it lets you do seem stress be involved in the growth and development of period of time thyroid condition, especially in women as time passes. So a support program of proper diet, regular exercise and to reduce anxiety may benefit you if you have an underactive thyroid. Developing approaches to cope with any excess stress by emphasizing relaxation techniques may help too. High levels of stress be involved in triggering the immune system malfunctions that trigger the destruction of your thyroid tissue.

In summary women must be aware of the twelve signs and the signs of low thyroid, because it becomes much more normal with age. Letting hypothyroidism go untreated can be very not particularly healthy, even poor heart function. Health care providers will most likely study the thyroid function in routine screening blood tests. It becomes an easy way to catch hypothyroidism early and begin you back on the road to better health.
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Submitted on
October 23, 2011